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We are a young family in the Mimico neighborhood of Toronto. Our careers are in data engineering and the corporate industrial world. Outside of our professional lives, we share a common interest in the real estate market. Together, we have set out on a quest to build an energy efficient house for ourselves as a family and invest in our local market. We have been fortunate and ambitious enough to work through multiple real estate transactions, repairs, renovation projects and surprises. We became landlords in 2018 and have since expanded to create more housing options to include furnished condos, duplexes and student rentals. In 2022, Lily became a licensed real estate agent to manage our own leases and to help other landlords and tenants.

Toronto is our home and we absolutely love this city.

What gives a break from the daily hustle and bustle are walks or bike rides along the Lake (Ontario, that is) with our kids, trips to a local craft brewery (where we also got married, fun fact) or culinary adventures at home (grilling, smoking, baking, cooking)…


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