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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

We like things done right and done for the right reasons.”

In fact, we enjoy good quality and understanding why some things are just better than others.

Our views are sometimes different from the norm. In the process of finding the perfect family home, we came to realize that many houses don’t have it all, not even most of our desired features.

Our best choice is embarking on an adventure of building our new home, and if you like, you can come along for the ride…

We found that some important topics and resources are not easily accessible or well explained to even start such a process.

What we learn along the way is building our own knowledge and so we hope by sharing our personal insights, we can help others in their own endeavors. By sharing information, giving tips, linking references and resources, providing perspective, giving opinion, hopefully engaging with people having similar interests or curiosities and providing views unfiltered from sponsored or biased industry views, we inspire to making a positive difference and impact to our community and beyond.

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