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Wow, our blog is now exactly one year old!

When we started a year ago, the Covid-19 pandemic was still in its first wave. Nobody knew what was going to happen, or what impacts it would have on everyone's lives and the process of building a house, from delayed government permits to supply chain constraints.

Building a house and writing a blog about the process has afforded us to research and learn a lot. On average, we have published around one post per week. From the beginning, we wanted to share what we learn along the way of building our new family home, and this is still our mission today. It is very true that in life you never stop learning and that you need to adopt a growth mindset. It's also true that you cannot know everything, and after all that, there is always so much more to explore.

We maintain the notion, that we like things done right and done for the right reasons. Choosing the Passive House building standard was always part of the game plan. This, together with the pandemic has provided for some serious ups and downs so far, whether it comes to being flexible, costs versus benefits decisions, or the overall timeline.

We learned that you should not compare yourself to others, as no two things are ever alike and circumstances are different for each custom home project. It's the result that counts.

This past year also taught us a thing or two about social media and how feedback online is much different than personal interactions, on the critical and the positive spectrum.

Overall, this blog has been a fun project to this day. Today, we celebrate its birthday!

And we end it on the current state of the house under construction, our future home...

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